There is a wealth of information and resources to draw upon when looking at the history of women's rights in Britain. The 20th century saw an incredible change in the roles of women. At the start of the century women were denied a voice and a vote and were told that their place was in the home.

In 1867 the London Society for Women's Suffrage was formed to campaign for female suffrage. The women's suffrage movement was one of the few political movements in the history of Britain to cut across all classes – for no women could vote regardless of her position. The right for women to vote in 1918, the Representation of the Peoples Act, allowed women over 30 the right to vote. It would take a further ten years to abolish the age qualification. This was a milestone in women's plight for equality and laid the foundations for the 1928 victory which saw women gaining the right to vote on equal grounds to men.
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