Joint Negotiating Committee for Teachers in Residential Establishments  

Pay and conditions for teachers covered by the JNCTRE agreement are aligned with those for mainstream school teachers’ as set out in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Documents’ (STPCD) STPCD England and STPCD Wales and Burgundy Book, other than where separate provisions have been agreed by the JNCTRE. 

The pay ranges for classroom and leadership teachers employed under the terms of the JNCTRE agreement, effective from 1 September 2020, are therefore those set out in the 2020 edition’s (England and Wales as referenced above) of the STPCDs.

In England the STPCD contains advisory pay points for the Main Pay Range and the Upper Pay Range, which apply also to JNCTRE teachers in England.  We draw your attention to the paragraph below extracted from the STPCD England. “Except for teachers and leaders on the minima of their respective ranges or group ranges, schools must determine – in accordance with their own pay policy – how to take account of the uplift to the national framework in making individual pay progression decisions. In order to facilitate these decisions and to support a transparent and coherent career pathway and to assist with recruitment and retention, advisory pay points for the main and upper pay ranges have been set out at Annex 3. These were recommended by the STRB in their report and the Department for Education encourages schools to use them in their decision-making. However, the advisory points are advisory and not mandatory….”.

Pay arrangements for Teachers in Residential Establishments (TREs) in Wales are set by the  School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions (Wales) Document and  allowances within this agreement should also continue to apply to them. Establishments should revise their chosen pay scales in light of these revisions to the national frameworks’. 

Under the terms of the JNCTRE Agreement, all allowances (including Instructors scales) other than the Sleeping in Duty Allowance have been increased in line with STPCD allowances for both England and Wales and should therefore be increased by 2.75% with effect from 1 September 2020. The Sleeping in Duty Allowance increased by 2.75% from 1 April, in line with the NJC for Local Government Services one-year pay agreement for 2020-2021. The values of these are set out at Appendix 1.