Supplementary to the joint union September checklist, and the SEND checklist, this checklist is intended to assist with risk assessment, not replace or substitute for one. The NEU does not think that the DfE suggested bubbles will be a practical or safe option in most AP settings. We know that most PRUs have remained open are likely to already have robust safety plans in place. September may require additional risk assessment.

Union reps should meet leaders to discuss full reopening. School leaders’ difficult responsibility will be assisted by comprehensive union input. Union reps should share this checklist proposed risk assessments with members and meet to dicuss.

On this checklist are:

The risk assessment process

Risk assessments for children and young people with EHC plans

Temporary changes to send legislation

Protective measures

  • Cleaning hands
  • Ensuring good respiratory hygiene
  • Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) where appropriate

Social distancing

  • Grouping children
  • Measures within the classroom
  • Measures for arriving at and leaving school

The school workforce

  • Staff who are vulnerable or otherwise at increased risk
  • Support staff and visitingspecialist staff; supply staff; and staff taking leave

School operations

  • Dedicated PRU transport
  • Student attendance
  • Educational visits

Education provision

  • Curriculum expectations
  • Behaviour and pastoral issues
  • Assessment and accountability