You may not be able to secure everything on this checklist – if so, you will need to consult members on whether the proposed policy is sufficiently positive to be acceptable. Non-negotiable points (i.e. those required by law or Union policy) are not bulleted.

Pay structure for 2021-2022

Does the policy reflect the national statutory pay scales and pay values in the STPCD, i.e. a 5-point main scale, 3-point upper pay scale, 43-point leadership pay scale and a 6-point unqualified teacher scale?

Was appropriate assimilation implemented in September 2021, including assimilation of teachers where appropriate to the next highest scale point as set out in paragraph 19.2 of the STPCD?

Pay determination

  • Is it stated that teacher pay  will be determined on an annual basis and that teachers will be notified in writing of the salary determination by 31 October each year with effect from 1 September of that year?

Does the school make a clear commitment to pay portability, in line with the statutory provisions in the STPCD, and clarify that this policy will apply for all new appointments?

Is it clear that the cost-of-living increase will be applied to all pay points and allowances, as required by the STPCD, and clearly differentiated from any pay increases due to pay progression?

Pay progression

Is the school’s appraisal policy in accordance with the NEU appraisal policy checklist?

Does the policy clarify that, in line with the STPCD, pay progression is awarded unless capability procedures are underway?

Is it made clear that a review will be deemed to be successful unless significant concerns about standards of performance have been raised in writing with the teacher during the annual appraisal cycle and have not been sufficiently addressed through support provided by the school by the conclusion of that process?

Is it made explicit that all teachers can expect progression to the top of their pay scale as a result of successful appraisal reviews? 

Is there a clear statement teachers will be awarded pay progression on the successful completion of their induction?

Moving from Main to Upper Pay Scale

  • Does the policy confirm that applications will be assessed according to the most recent appraisal review, or, at most, the two most recent appraisal reviews?

Will a review be deemed to be successful and to have met the STPCD criteria for progression to the UPS unless significant concerns about standards of performance have been raised in writing with the teacher during the annual appraisal cycle and have not been sufficiently addressed through support provided by the school by the conclusion of that process?

TLR payments

  • Does the policy set out the level of TLR1 and TLR2 payments?

Is it clear that teachers will not be expected to undertake permanent additional responsibilities without a permanent TLR1 or TLR2 payment?

  • Does the policy make a commitment to allocate TLR1 and TLR2 payments according to the criteria set out in the 2021 STPCD
  • Does the policy set out clear criteria for the award, level and duration of time-limited TLR3 payments?
  • Does the policy clarify that union representatives will be fully consulted before any decision is made to make any such payment?
  • Is there a published staffing structure indicating the posts to which TLR1 and 2 payments are attached and the values of those payments?

ALN allowances

Does the policy commit to awarding ALN allowances in accordance with the criteria and provisions set out in the STPCD?

Does the policy set out the criteria for the award of ALN allowances and the value of the allowances payable to those who meet those criteria?

Acting allowances

  • Is it stated that where any teacher is required to act as head teacher, deputy head or assistant head for a period exceeding 4 weeks, s/he will receive an additional allowance in order that the total pay received is equal to that of the substantive post holder?
  • Does the policy specify that payments will be backdated to the day on which the teacher assumed those duties, and that no pressure, direct or indirect, will be placed on teachers to act up where such acting up is voluntary on their part?

Other payments: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) outside directed time; Initial Teacher Training (ITT) activities: and Out of School Learning Activities

Is it recognised and accepted that such activities are entirely voluntary?

  • Is it clear that the governing body will make additional payments to all teachers (including the head teacher) who agree to undertake such activities?
  • Will these payments be calculated at a daily or hourly rate calculated pro rata to each teacher’s annual salary or, where appropriate, at a higher level reflecting the responsibility and size of commitment?
  • Where teachers cannot attend CPD organised outside the school day, will the school promote equal opportunities by endeavouring to offer suitable alternative training provisions within directed time?

Recruitment and retention incentives and benefits

Does the policy specify the level, duration and criteria for such payments, and that they will be subject to annual review?

  • Is it made clear that union representatives will be fully consulted on the criteria for such awards?

Part-time teachers

Is there a clear statement in the policy that part-time teachers’ pay and working time will be calculated in accordance with the provisions of the STPCD and by comparison with the school’s timetabled teaching week for a full-time teacher in an equivalent post?

  • Will any additional hours worked by agreement from time to time be paid at the same rate?

Supply teachers

Does the policy set out that supply teachers employed for a full pupil day will be paid at a daily rate of 1/194th of the annual pay they would receive if engaged on a regular contract?

Similarly, will teachers engaged to work for less than one day be hourly paid, their pay being calculated as above before being divided again by the proportion of the full pupil day which they teach in order to arrive at the hourly rate?

Salary safeguarding

Does the pay policy set out the circumstances in which, and for how long, salary safeguarding may take place?

  • Does the policy define ‘additional duties’ and under what circumstances a teacher with a safeguarded salary might be required to undertake them?

Appeals procedures

Does the policy include a clear appeals procedure within the policy which meets, as a minimum, the statutory requirements on disputes resolution?

Monitoring and review of the policy

Will the policy be reviewed by the relevant body and union representatives on an annual basis?

  • Does the policy confirm that an annual report on the operation of the pay policy will be published, recording pay decisions taken and equality impact, and that this will be shared with union representatives?
  • Does the policy unequivocally commit to ensuring that all decisions relating to this policy will ensure transparency, objectivity, accountability and equality of opportunity, including compliance with equality legislation?