Dear ………………… [NAME of head teacher]
Asbestos at <INSERT NAME> School

I am writing to ask you for information about asbestos at <INSERT NAME> School. I am asking for this information because I am concerned about the safety of both the children and the teaching and support staff in all schools that contain asbestos. I appreciate that you are busy, with many things competing for your time but I would ask that you find time to answer these few simple questions. 

My first question is to ask whether <INSERT NAME> School contains asbestos?

If the answer is yes, please answer the following questions, overleaf, on how it is being managed. I’d be grateful if you could send your response to me at <INSERT ADDRESS>.  I look forward to hearing from you by …<INSERT DATE (suggest 2 weeks)>

Yours sincerely
Cc Chair of Governing Body

Questions about asbestos management

  • Has an asbestos survey been carried out for the school?  Yes/No
  • When was this survey most recently revised?
  • When will the next survey take place?
  • Is there an asbestos management plan in place?  Yes/No
  • What areas of the school contain asbestos?
  • Are all teachers, support staff, contractors and volunteers (including staff on temporary contracts and supply teachers) told where the asbestos is?  Yes/No
  • Is any of the asbestos accessible to children and staff, for example because it is in floors, walls, ceilings or window frames or other areas where children and staff may inadvertently damage and disturb it?  Yes/No  If yes, please give details
  • Have all teachers, support staff and volunteers been told what action to take if they notice any damage materials containing asbestos? Yes/No
  • Are staff and volunteers regularly updated on how the asbestos is being managed? Yes/No
  • Do all new staff and volunteers receive information about asbestos awareness as part of their induction? Yes/No
  • Will the school commit to producing an annual report for all parents and school staff reporting on the extent and condition of asbestos in the school and the plans in place for its management? Yes/No (Please give details)
  • Are there any plans for removal of the asbestos? Yes/No (Please give details)