The NEU has already submitted a joint statement on pay with ASCL, NAHT and Voice – the joint statement is attached to the NEU evidence as an appendix.

The NEU believes, as do our sister teacher organisations, that the STRB must recommend and the Government must deliver and fully fund urgent action to restore the real-terms cuts to teacher pay. The Government must accept that its real-terms school funding cuts have caused serious damage to teacher pay, recruitment and retention.  The joint union statement calls for an immediate and fully funded 5% pay increase for all teachers and school leaders.

The NEU evidence sets out a range of detailed evidence to support our call for urgent action on pay.  We also call for the STRB to be given a remit on teacher workload as a matter of urgency, including a review of the current open-ended requirement on teachers to “work such additional hours as may be necessary to enable the effective discharge of the teacher’s professional duties” (School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document).

The NEU evidence highlights the impact of the prolonged attacks on teacher pay, which has cut the real value of pay against inflation and left teacher earnings lagging behind those of other graduate professions.  Our evidence shows how these attacks on pay have contributed to the worsening teacher recruitment and retention crisis.

The NEU has called on the STRB to recommend:

  • an immediate fully-funded pay increase for all teacher pay points and allowances of 5 per cent in September 2019;
  • further pay increases for teachers as soon as possible, to restore the cut in teacher pay against inflation since 2010; and
  • a further urgent review of teacher pay levels, to establish appropriate pay levels for the long term that will support recruitment and retention by ensuring that teacher pay levels are competitive with those of other graduate professions.

The NEU will continue to campaign on teacher pay and workload, and for education to be funded properly.