Coronavirus Do's and Don'ts

Covid-19 safety in schools


  1. check that risk assessments and safety control measures are being reviewed, and consulted on, as circumstances, and public health guidance, changes
  2. check that there is an outbreak contingency plan in place on which there has been consultation with the NEU and other unions
  3. seek enhanced measures with management as soon as members start raising concerns about increased levels of transmission, as it is always better to act sooner rather than later, than risk more disruptive outbreaks
  4. Urge settings to follow official guidance and contact public health officials whenever a pupil, student or staff member is admitted to hospital with Covid-19


  1. wait until the thresholds specified by the Department for Education (DfE) are reached before pressing for additional measures (five pupils or staff, likely to have mixed closely,  testing  positive for Covid-19 within a ten- day period; or ten percent within a ten-day period, whichever is reached first)
  2. wait until there is a staff shortage and disruption to education before pressing for enhanced measures set out in our joint union checklist
  3. assume that following DfE guidance will prevent a serious outbreak. Use our joint union checklist and ventilation guidance instead
  4. forget that staff at greater risk should have their individual risk assessments reviewed if cases are rising.

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