Sick pay schemes

School employees covered by the Burgundy Book (teachers) and Green Book (support staff) sick pay schemes are entitled to full pay for absence when they are required to be absent due to infectious illness and this absence does not count against sick pay entitlements.

Soulbury-paid employees are covered by the Green Book sick pay scheme.  Sixth form college teachers’ entitlements match the Burgundy Book, but support staff entitlements do not fully match the Green Book provisions. 

For members working in the independent sector, sick pay entitlement will depend on your contract of employment. As an absolute minimum you will be entitled to statutory provision.

FE college staff and staff in academies which do not or may not follow the Burgundy and Green Book schemes will need to check their contracts and check with their employer if necessary.

Burgundy Book

Section 4 Paragraph 10 ‘Contact with infectious diseases’


"When the approved medical practitioner attests that there is evidence to show a reasonable probability that an absence was due to an infectious or contagious illness contracted directly in the course of the teacher’s employment full pay shall be allowed for such period of absence as may be authorised by the approved medical practitioner as being due to the illness, and such absence shall not be reckoned against the teacher’s entitlement to sick leave under paragraph 2 above, though such absences are reckonable for entitlement to Statutory Sick Pay."


"A teacher residing in a house in which some other person is suffering from an infectious disease shall at once notify the employer and the teacher shall, if required, take such precautions as may be prescribed, provided that if in the opinion of the approved medical practitioner it is considered inadvisable, notwithstanding such precautions, for such teacher to attend duty, full pay shall be allowed during any enforced absence from duty, such pay being sick pay for the purpose of paragraphs 3 to 7.5 above. This provision will also apply where, in the opinion of an approved medical practitioner, it is inadvisable for a teacher to attend duty for precautionary reasons due to infectious disease in the workplace. The period of the absence under this paragraph shall not be reckoned against the. teacher’s entitlement to sick leave under paragraph 2 above, though such absences are reckonable for entitlements to Statutory Sick Pay."

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Green Book

Part 2 Para 10.9:

“An employee who is prevented from attending work because of contact with infectious disease shall be entitled to receive normal pay. The period of absence on this account shall not be reckoned against the employee’s entitlements under this scheme.”

See also NJC circular on Novel Coronavirus: COVID-19