September opening

September poses a new set of challenges for us all. This includes wider opening of education establishments, the need to ensure that coronavirus poses no detriment to all education staff and making sure all eligible staff receive the pay progression they deserve.

From September 2020 all pupils will be returning to education. To coincide with this, the National Education Union has produced a checklist for reps to discuss with members and also the head teachers.

This checklist is available electronically and also to download as a PDF below. Branch secretaries will receive a copy of all completed electronic checklists via email.

We have outlined the steps we have asked reps in your area to take via email to you and also published these and all documentation to help with this on our coronavirus reps webpage.

We are asking you as a district or branch officer to:

  1. Arrange a virtual meeting of all your reps using our digital guidance  to discuss the checklist and approach you will take together in your area.
  2. Download and send our model email to your local authority explaining the NEU’s national position and checklist.
  3. If there are difficulties in your district or branch with specific schools, support your reps to use our escalation guidance below.

How to hold a successful digital members or reps meeting

We have this short guide to help you deliver a digital meetings of reps and even members to discuss the checklist and ensure we represent members views collectively in discussion with your leadership teams.

How members can secure progression in your local authority area

The COVID-19 crisis, and partial closure of schools, has placed enormous pressure on school staff including teachers, support staff and school leaders.

Under the current circumstances, education staff are unable to complete meaningful Performance Management reviews for the academic year 2019/20 and so annual pay reviews cannot be carried out in the normal way.

Rep recruitment drive

Many members have already stepped up to become NEU reps and to become part of rep teams to help during the COVID-19 crisis.

If there is a member who wants to be a rep in your area, even supporting an existing rep, we are encouraging them to indicate they want to get involved using our form here.

Support for you

We are asking you as local branch and district officers to support reps and members during this time, if you require further assistance, please contact your regional office.

Officers Zoom meetings 

National Education Union Branches and districts Zoom call May 14

Recording of coronavirus update for Branch and District Officers, chaired by NEU President Amanda Martin on May 14 2020.

District & Branches during lockdown – constitutional advice

Advice and guidance on the running of district and branch meetings during lockdown, including AGMs and decisions relating to local subscription rates and honoraria, can be found on the NEU Officers’ Portal here.

Remember, schools/colleges remain open to vulnerable pupils and staff continue to provide distance learning to other pupils. See our extensive coronavirus advice.

The draft timetable for the online Special Conference on 3 October is available to District Secretaries to enable planning meetings to be scheduled.