Ofqual has now announced its final decisions regarding grading for summer 2020

Here are the key details and advice regarding GCSEs, AS and A-Levels:

  1. Teachers will be asked to submit two things. Firstly, the grade they think each of their students would have achieved had the exam taken place. Secondly, for each grade, a list of students in order of how secure staff believe them to be within that grade (with the most secure at the top down to least secure at the bottom)
  2. No new work needs to be set, completed, marked or collected in order to come to these judgements. Ofqual has stated this in its guidance as well as the point that no student should be disadvantaged by using work from after schools shut down  to assist grading.
  3. Where students have an agreed reasonable adjustment (for example a reader or scribe), or an agreed access arrangement, the judgement should take account of likely achievement with the reasonable adjustment/access arrangement in place.
  4. Grade judgements should be made holistically using teachers’ professional judgement of everything they have seen from students throughout the course. They shouldn’t be based on any one single piece of evidence alone, such as mock exam results for example.
  5. Teachers are being encouraged to consider a range of information such as work in books, other classwork, homework, coursework, controlled assessments, participation in performances in subjects such as music, drama and PE, internal school or college assessments, mock exam results and results from previous sittings (for re-sit students). 
  6. This list is not exhaustive – there may be other relevant, useful evidence that schools and colleges feel can help them come to their judgements. They are being encouraged to use the professional expertise of staff to decide what is and isn’t helpful in informing these decisions.
  7. Schools and colleges will not be asked to send student work or any other evidence to exam boards and therefore there is no need for teachers to be asked to prepare this within their institutions either. Ofqual has stated clearly that it will not be requiring this evidence because of the workload burden they recognise it would cause.
  8. Neither the grades, nor the order of students, can be shared with anyone outside of the school or college, including students, parents or carers. It is against the regulations of the grading process (just as it would be if a student wanted to know from an exam board what mark they got in an exam, before they had been awarded their grade).
  9. Once schools and colleges have submitted their judgements the exam boards, along with the regulator, will use various data to standardise across centres and calculate the final grade to be awarded to students.
  10. Exam boards will contact schools and colleges to set out the details of how and when they need this information to be submitted, after Easter.
  11. The deadline for the submission of grades and rank orders to exams boards is 12th June.

Further details and documents published by Ofqual

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