These are minimum standards for keeping everyone safe and ensuring reasonable working conditions. If you and members are concerned about what is happening in your workplace, use our escalation guidance.

Risk assessments

DO ensure that you’ve had a separate, individual risk assessment that takes into account your pregnancy, Covidsafety measures in your workplace and the prevalence of the virus in your local area.  Pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy are classed as clinically vulnerable.

DON’T accept that individual risk assessments are set in stone – they must be revised to take into account the stage of your pregnancy, other circumstances at work and the prevalence of the virus in your local area.

Maternity leave

DO exercise your  maternity rights and work out when is best for you to start your maternity leave. Read our guide and FAQs on Pregnancy and Maternity        

DON’T start your maternity leave earlier than you have to. Your  employer is responsible  for keeping you safe  at work and should medically suspend     you on full pay if your workplace is not safe for you. Your NEU rep can help you to explain that you do not want to start your leave until it is right for you.

The third trimester

DO inform your employer of the increased risks to pregnant women in their third trimester.  It is reasonable to ask your manager to work from home or for you to be suspended on full pay.  The NEU recommends all women in their third trimester work from home

DON’T agree to come into work if it is unsafe.  Size of classes makes social distancing difficult and pregnant women in this trimester must be allowed to work from home or redeployed onto duties that can be completed from home such as co-ordinating remote learning. 


DO get in touch with your workplace rep if you have concerns about pay progression. Consider requesting an adjustment to your objectives.

DON’T accept pay progression denials because you have been on maternity leave.  This is maternity discrimination.  Read about our fair pay for all advice.

Did you know that members on maternity leave, shared parental leave, or adoption leave do not have to pay membership fees?

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