1. Students will still receive grades this summer and certificates that allow them to progress to the next stage of their education/career. The WJEC will be in contact with schools and colleges in April to provide further details on how and when to submit teacher-assessed grades. Qualifications Wales has noted the UK Government’s announcement that learners in England will receive their grades by the end of July. It is working closely with other UK regulators: an important part of the work to coordinate activities will be to agree the dates on which results will be released.
  2. The approach to arriving at these grades will differ between the nations of the UK and between qualification type.
  3. The WJEC is currently working with Qualifications Wales to consider how to progress with the Skills Challenge Certificate, and with other regulators for level 1/2, level 3 and entry-level qualifications they offer. Details are yet to be announced: we will provide further information when we can.
  4. Qualifications Wales has clearly outlined that teacher-assessed grades must be based on the overall qualification grade each learner is likely to achieve at the end of their course of study. This will take account of their performance in a range of classroom and external assessments and their overall commitment to their studies and ability in the subject.  Teacher-assessed grades, for this purpose, are not target grades or ambitious grades that learners might aspire to achieve. The WJEC will consider the full range of evidence, including teacher-assessed grades, and will standardise these across the full cohort, leading to a final grade to award to each learner. Due to centres no longer being open to the majority of learners, the WJEC will not conduct any further visits to assess or moderate learners’ work submitted for qualifications requiring a centre visit. Given the timing of the school closures, not all learners have been provided with the opportunity to complete their internally assessed non-examination assessments (NEA) work and controlled assessments. To ensure fairness for all learners, WJEC will not moderate any NEA units or controlled assessments for GCSE, AS-level, A-level and Skills Challenge Certificate qualifications for the summer 2020 series.
  5. Teachers should not be expected to set or mark new work in order to help them come to these decisions. The decisions can be made based upon work which has already been started or completed to this point. Qualifications Wales and the WJEC will be providing clear guidance to teachers on what they are asking them to submit and how they are asking them to come to their grade judgements.
  6. Education professionals know their classes best. NEU Cymru is calling for Qualifications Wales and the WJEC to make it clear that those professionals should decide how they use the evidence available to them to come to holistic decisions, as opposed to formulaic ones.
  7. The final grade received by students will be calculated by the WJEC. The regulator will consider the judgements teachers submit along with other evidence, similar to that which is used for setting grade boundaries every summer, to produce the final calculated grade students receive. In turn, this will be overseen and checked by Qualifications Wales.
  8. NEU Cymru is in touch with Qualifications Wales and the WJEC to help make sure the guidance they produce for teachers is as useful as it can be and that the process is as fair for students as possible.
  9. Students will also have the chance to sit exams at the earliest reasonable opportunity once schools and colleges re-open, and/or in summer 2021. Year 10 and 12 students who were due to sit exams this summer will not be required to sit these exams at a later date.
  10. There will be many more questions that have not yet been answered yet. NEU Cymru is in touch with Qualifications Wales and the WJEC to ensure information can be passed on as quickly and clearly as possible.

Further information from awarding organisations, the regulator in Wales and the Welsh Government

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