Use this checklist alongside the NEU’s CCTV model policy to negotiate a policy acceptable to the union.

You may not be able to secure everything on this checklist – if that is the case, you may wish to consult members on whether the proposed policy is sufficiently positive to be acceptable.


  • Is there a clear explanation of why the policy is needed?
  • Does it set out the aims of the policy?


  • Does the policy state to whom it applies and what it covers?
  • Is there a clear statement that CCTV monitoring will never be used to observe or monitor a member of staff’s performance?

Location of cameras

  • Is it clear where cameras will be situated?
  • Does it state that CCTV will not be used in classrooms?

Access to CCTV images

  • Does the policy state who will have access to the recorded images?
  • Who will administer the system?

Subject access requests (SARS)

  • Is it clear that individuals will be able to make a request for the CCTV footage relating to themselves under the Data Protection Act and the GDPR?
  • Does it set out how and to whom a request for access should be made?

Access and disclosure of images to third parties

  • Is it clear that third party disclosure will only be allowed for authorised personnel such as the police or if a Court Order is received?


  • Who will have overall responsibility?
  • Are employee and management responsibilities clearly defined?

Data protection impact assessments and privacy

  • Will the school conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment when installing or moving CCTV concerns to consider privacy issues?

Policy review

  • Who is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the policy?
  • How often will it be reviewed?
  • Will recognised trade unions be consulted?
Legal rights
NEU CCTV Model Policy

This model policy should be used alongside the NEU’s CCTV checklist to help you negotiate a policy acceptable to the union.