The Secretary of State Damian Hinds has implemented the following increases:

  • 3.5% to the Main pay range;
  • 2% to the Upper pay range and the Leading Practitioner pay range;
  • 2% to all allowance ranges including TLRs and SEN allowances;
  • 1.5% to the Leadership range and the seven head teacher group ranges; and
  • 3.5% to the Unqualified Teacher pay range.

The Secretary of State has also announced additional grant funding (the “Teacher Pay Grant) to support the pay award.  Although we have concerns about the level and distribution of the Grant, the fact that the Government is providing grant funding intended to equate to the full cost of the increases (beyond the 1% for which it says schools should have already budgeted) is the clearest possible indication that the increases should be implemented for every teacher in every school.

NEU recommended pay scale points for 2018-19

It’s absolutely essential to secure the increases announced by the Government in every school. Joint advice on the application of the pay increase has again been agreed by the NEU, ASCL, NAHT, Voice and UCAC.  This advice is accompanied by recommended pay scale points, reflecting the increases in the minimum and maximum of each pay range. 

Joint advice and payscales

NEU position on the proposals

  • Local authorities should issue advice to schools advising them to adopt pay scale points in line with the NEU’s recommended pay scale points, which incorporate the proposed increases in pay ranges.
  • Local authority schools should confirm that they are adopting these points and paying the appropriate increases.
  • MATs and individual academies should agree to act similarly.
  • All teachers should individually receive a pay increase at least in line with the increase in pay ranges and pay scale points, separate from any increase due to pay progression. 

These objectives are essential in securing the full cost of living increase and protecting national pay rates.

Consultation and activity at the school level

NEU reps should urgently seek confirmation from head teachers and principals that the increases announced by the Government will be received by every teacher in line with the joint union advice.

If there is any suggestion that the increases won’t be paid in full in your school or academy, please immediately contact the NEU locally for support.

Reps have helped to ensure that many schools and academies have supported the joint union advice in previous years - no doubt many of you will already be engaged in these discussions locally.  Securing the pay increase at local level will also help others to secure it for other schools.

Implementation of these increases to all salaries and allowances in payment is the very least that is required to support teacher recruitment and retention.  The STRB report underlines its increasing concern at the impact of teacher recruitment and retention problems.  These problems affect the whole school system and all stages of teachers’ careers, so can only be responded to adequately by means of nationally-applicable pay scales. 

Any school using lower pay scale points (due to not having implemented the recommended increases in previous years) should now adopt the recommended pay scale points.  Any school paying higher pay scale points should, given the availability of funding for the proposed increases, increase those points in line with the increase in ranges.

There is a requirement for formal consultation in schools and academies on the school pay policy and pay structure for 2018-19.  There should still be consultation, therefore, on implementing the pay increase.  This is also an opportunity for reps to raise any other issues and concerns experienced by members and secure improvements.  This formal consultation with teachers and their union representatives should take place as soon as possible.

School and academy reps should call a meeting of members on teacher pay.  As well as explaining the latest position about the September 2018 increase, the meeting should be used to underline the NEU’s determination to continue the pay campaign.  Members can also be assured of support them in ensuring that the increase is secured in every school, reminding them of the successes the NEU has had e.g. in East Sussex.


The proposed pay increases apply equally to Wales.  The UK Government has announced additional funding for payment of the increases in Wales.  It is important to note that, although the Welsh Local Government Association (LGA) has recommended that the above increases are paid this year, last year the Welsh LGA only recommended 1% on M2 to M5 so a catch-up will be required on those points in many LA and school policies.

Continuing the Campaign

The Secretary of State did not implement the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) recommendations in full.  The STRB had recommended an increase of 3.5% in the value of all pay and allowance ranges.  This is the first time that the Government has limited the STRB’s pay recommendations in this way.  In the past some awards have been staged, but although this reduced the in-year value of the award the headline increase recommended by the STRB was implemented during the relevant year.  The Secretary of State has not published any explanation for his decision not to implement the recommendations in full. 

The NEU is campaigning, alongside ASCL, NAHT, UCAC and Voice, for full implementation and funding of the STRB’s recommendations, including the 3.5% recommended by the STRB for upper pay range and leadership teachers.  Use the hashtag to #AskDamian to implement and fund our pay rise in full and to give all schools the money they need to provide our children with the education they deserve. 

Find out more on the NEU pay campaign and the NEU pay toolkit.