Become a National Education Union rep

There are many benefits to becoming a National Education Union rep. You'll be well informed about education issues and get to influence them. You'll build up a strong network of contacts and it could even open up career opportunities you hadn't considered. With first-class support from our professional staff and training courses, you don't need to worry about being on your own.

Our reps are the voice and face of NEU on the ground. The work reps and contacts do on behalf of members in workplaces up and down the UK is a major reason our union continues to go from strength to strength. Once you have been elected as a rep there a few important things you need to do:

  • Let your head teacher/principal/manager know you are the rep. You will receive a certificate of accreditation from the NEU recognising your position. Arrange an informal meeting to discuss ways of working together.
  • Get to know your members. Ask your branch or district to provide you with a list of the members in your workplace
  • Order resources. If you have taken over from the previous workplace rep, you may have inherited some resources. If not, don’t worry, you can order new materials at any time in the academic year. You will also regularly be provided with materials to use and display.
  • Claim union space on the staff noticeboard and put up NEU recruitment posters and other relevant information.

As well as being a NEU workplace rep, you can also be a Union Learning Rep (ULRs) or a Health and Safety Rep.

Union Learning Reps

Union Learning Reps (ULRs) specialise in advising and supporting members with their continuing personal and professional development. They work closely with their members and management to identify ways to improve access and quality of current training provision, as well as help source new opportunities.

The role of the ULR includes:

  • identifying members’ learning needs.
  • organising learning events with the help of other members and NEU staff.
  • raising awareness and promoting the value of learning.
  • signposting members to available learning opportunities.
  • working with employers and partners to improve access to learning.
  • monitoring quality of provision and overcoming barriers to learning.
  • recruiting non-members to the NEU.

Health and safety reps

Health and Safety reps are appointed by NEU members to represent their interests on health and safety issues. Every year, far too many teachers and education professionals are injured at work or suffer illness and ill-health brought on by their work.

The role of a Health and Safety rep includes:

  • investigating complaints by union members about health, safety and welfare issues.
  • communicating with union members about health and safety issues that affect them.
  • raising health and safety issues with employers.
  • carrying out health and safety inspections of the workplace.
  • investigating potential hazards and dangerous occurrences and examining the causes of accidents.

Health and safety reps are legally entitled to such time off with pay during the employee’s working hours as shall be necessary to perform the functions set out above.

If you are interested in becoming a Health and Safety rep please fill in our contact form

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07 December 2018